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Buying a Spanish Property – the Pros and Cons of Community Living


Many properties in Spain form part of a community of owners. This is the case with all apartments and flats, all properties within a gated or private complex and most townhouses. Even properties within large developments such as Calahonda and Riviera del Sol on the Costa del Sol belong to communities. Before you buy a property in Spain do some research on the community and find out:

The fees: These range from small monthly amounts e.g. €40 to huge monthly outlays that can be over €1,000 in some cases. As a general rule, expect to pay higher community fees for properties with large communal areas and staff such as security guards and concierges. Find out when fees are due – payment dates vary from monthly to annually.

Find out exactly how much the fees are, factor this cost into your expenses and make sure you can afford them.

The services: The amount you pay depends on the communal amenities available and the services provided. Community fees usually include maintenance of the building and communal areas, which means you don’t have to include pool and garden maintenance into your own expenses – or worry about them! You may also find that the fees include water and possibly heating bills. On the other hand, you might be paying high fees for services you don’t use or for poorly maintained complexes.

Find out exactly what community fees include.

The rules: All communities have rules and regulations governing things like noise, use of the pool, pets and the appearance of the building. Some complexes have very strict regulations while others are much more relaxed. For example, some communities allow exterior additions such as the installation of glass curtains or a satellite dish, others don’t. Some permit holiday lets, others impose restrictions.

Find out exactly what the rules and regulations are before you buy your Spanish property.

For more information about communities of owners in Spain, read our useful list of FAQs. If you’d like more information on buying property in Spain, why not download the Andalusian Lawyers free guide?



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