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Five Clauses your Spanish Property Purchase Contract Should ALWAYS Include



The purchase contract is one of the most important elements in the process for buying a property in Spain enlace a la guia. The clauses in the contract should be drafted by your lawyer and approved the seller’s representative.

To ensure your best interests are protected in the purchase and your investment safeguarded, your contact should ALWAYS include the following:

  1. A clause including the obligation for the seller to return double your deposit if they decide not to go through with the sale.
  2. A clause with the provision for the buyer to choose which notary handles the preparation and signing of the title deeds.
  3. A clause clearly stating who is responsible for paying which taxes and costs involved in the purchase.
  4. A clause clearly stating the deadline for completion of the purchase.
  5. A clause referring to an attached inventory of all the property’s contents (both parties should sign the inventory when they sign the purchase contract).

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