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We assist you throughout the buying process, right from the moment you find the property to signing the deeds.

How We Can Help

The process of buying a property in Spain is different from the system that you are used to in your country so it’s vital you obtain professional advice. That advice should come from professional and fully independent lawyers such as Andalusian Lawyers.
We firmly believe that to protect your interests you should contact and instruct your lawyer at the earliest possible opportunity and certainly before signing a reservation document or paying any money.

Every Step of the Way

Andalusian Lawyers assist you throughout the buying process, right from the moment you find the property you want to buy in Spain. Our assistance means you buy with complete peace of mind, knowing your purchase is safeguarded and has all the necessary legal guarantees.

Andalusian Lawyers has been advising foreigners on their Spanish property purchase for over 25 years. This solid track record has given us proven experience in all conveyancing types.

What we do

Buying a property in Spain involves several key tasks for a legal representative. We will carry these out representing your (and only your) interests. These essential tasks include the following:

  • Obtain a Spanish NIE number (Foreigner´s Identification Number).
  • Draft, negotiate and amend the terms and conditions of the reservation and purchase contracts.
  • Carry out a search at the Property Registry to ascertain the official owner of the property, the description of the property, whether the property is fully registered and whether the property has any charges or encumbrances.
  • Consult the local council planning department to find out if the building has all the appropriate building licences. From this information, we also establish whether built area of the property described in registry records is in accordance with the council licence.
  • Check the property has a certificate of occupation, a compulsory requisite for new-built properties.
  • Carry out a search at the Cadastral Registry to confirm the cadastral (fiscal) value of the property and the official built area declared in Registry files.
  • Check the property (if within a community of owners) is up to date with community fees and obligations. Obtain a certificate declaring the property is free of debts with the community of owners.
  • Verify all taxes (national, regional and local) are paid and up to date.
  • Arrange a Power of Attorney if necessary (e.g. if you are unable to be present upon completion at the notary public to sign the title deeds).
  • Assist and advise on the final purchase transaction before a Notary Public when both parties sign the title deeds.
  • Ensure the appropriate property taxes are paid immediately after the purchase.
  • Notify utility companies of the change of ownership; organise new contracts for utilities if necessary and set up direct debits for you with your Spanish bank.

Find Out More

The above is just an outline of our comprehensive services. If you are considering buying a property in Andalusia, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. We guarantee a personal service and professional legal advice representing your interests at all times.

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