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Tax Advice

In Andalusian Lawyers, we believe in an ethical practice accompanied by personal and professional service with the emphasis on effectiveness. Our absolute priority are our clients and their interests, and to this end, our services offer the highest levels of professionalism, quality and immediacy at all times.

In Andalusian Lawyers we offer our clients professional and comprehensive tax advice through our own services or in cooperation with one of the most prestigious tax advisors in Marbella.

In Spain, tax laws are modified and developed regularly so it’s vital for our clients to make the right tax-planning decisions based on advice from our experts.

Andalusian Lawyers offers advice on all aspects of Spanish taxation including the following:

1 .- Income Tax for residents and non-residents

Income tax is charged on income from any work, assets and professional activities. For non-residents in Spain this tax is also applied on the fiscal value of their properties in Spain, considered a second residence by the Spanish authorities.

2 .- Inheritance and Donations Tax

This tax is applied on donations (money or assets received without payment) and on inherited assets (e.g. property, bank deposits, vehicles, etc.) you receive from a deceased person in Spain.

3 .- Business or Company tax

This tax is levied on the profits of a business or a Spanish company.

4 .- Transfer Tax

This tax applies to transfers  of property between individuals. Each region in Spain has different system; in Andalusia the current rate on the transfer of property is between 8 and 10 per cent of the value.

5.- Other

Our firm offers advice on any other tax that you may be liable for due to your activities or assets in Spain.