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Who’s who in a Spanish property purchase


When you buy a property in Spain, the following people are key players:

Your independent lawyer: Undoubtedly the most important person in any Spanish property transaction. Only through the checks carried out by a lawyer (choose an independent lawyer enlace a contacto so that your interests are fully represented and protected) will your investment be safeguarded. Find out more about what an independent lawyer does when helping clients buy a property in Spain

Notary Public: The notary is responsible for several important tasks during the completion of the purchase to ensure the purchase is carried out legally. They draw up the title deeds, certify the identity of the parties involved in the purchase, ensure the purchase price is paid to the seller and witness the signing of the deeds. They also carry out certain checks on the property register. However, the notary does not represent your interests so your lawyer will thoroughly check the deeds and amend them if necessary before you sign them.

The Gestor: A gestor, perhaps unique to Spain, is someone who takes charge of presenting paperwork to the appropriate authorities. Most lawyers use a gestor to carry out certain transactions after the purchase of a property in Spain. These include payment of taxes on behalf of the client, registration of the title deeds and the setting up of direct debit payments for utility companies and community fees.

If you’re buying a Spanish property, Andalusian Lawyers will be pleased to act for you enlace a contacto and advise you in your purchase. For more information on buying a property download our free guides.


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