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The process of buying a property in Spain is different from the system that you are used to in your country so it’s vital you obtain professional advice. That advice should come from professional and fully independent lawyers such as Andalusian Lawyers.
We firmly believe that to protect your interests you should contact and instruct your lawyer at the earliest possible opportunity and certainly before signing a reservation document or paying any money.

Every Step of the Way

Andalusian Lawyers assist you throughout the buying process, right from the moment you find the property you want to buy in Spain. Our assistance means you buy with complete peace of mind, knowing your purchase is safeguarded and has all the necessary legal guarantees.

Andalusian Lawyers has been advising foreigners on their Spanish property purchase for over 25 years. This solid track record has given us proven experience in all conveyancing types.


Above all, in Andalusian Lawyers we believe that any purchase should be carried out in the best possible interests for our clients.

Once the client has chosen a property , we take charge of all legal matters relating to the property and endeavour to make the process as stress free as possible. We ensure the property is free of debts and encumbrances before the client buys, take charge of the organisation of payments and legal documents (private contract and title deeds) for the purchase, and act on behalf of our client wherever necessary.

We also provide the same comprehensive service for clients wishing to sell their property in the South of Spain.

Tax advice

In Andalusian Lawyers we offer our clients professional and comprehensive tax advice through our own services or in cooperation with one of the most prestigious tax advisors in Marbella.

In Spain, tax laws are modified and developed regularly so it’s vital for our clients to make the right tax-planning decisions based on advice from our experts.

Contracts & documents

At our Marbella Office we will draft the contracts and legal documents in order to protect your interests as a buyer or seller of a property in Spain. We will take care so you don’t end up paying taxes or costs which are not your duty. And we will write down all guarantees to ensure that you buy or sell free of debts and encumbrances. 


If the client owns a property in Spain, it is in their best interests (and their family’s) for them to make a will in Spain concerning their property and assets here.

In our own experience, if a will has been made in Spain, the process of inheritance is relatively simple for the heirs. Andalusian Lawyers will draft the right will for you.

Post-Sales Service

Once the purchase of the property has been completed, we make sure all the paper work is in order and organise the payment of bills (electricity, water, phone and rates) by direct debits. If the client wishes to live permanently in Spain we provide advice about becoming a resident and what it entails.

For those clients who already own a property in Spain we organise the payment of the annual Wealth and Income Tax on non-residents.


We also have experience in many inheritances involving property and assets in Spain, we act on behalf of the heirs, representing them before the Spanish authorities and resolving the legal process involved in an inheritance.

Civil litigation

We have experience in Court cases regarding property, letting and tenancy, communities of owners and other civil litigation. This service will be provided either in our own firm or through association with other prestigious firms in town, depending on the case.

Free Guide to Buying Spanish Property

Our series of FREE guides gives you an insight into some of the aspects involved in buying a property in Spain:

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Our absolute priority are our clients and their interests, and to this end, our services offer the highest levels of professionalism, quality and immediacy at all times.